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Barbecue in Belgium One more customer in Belgium satisfied with our products manufactured by our company, JVP. This Berbecue CH 117, with oven 100x100 cm, barbecue with interior measurement of 65 cm and bench with dishwasher in stainless steel. Decorative panel in tile. It has two images and themes that the client can choose. Barbecue [...]
Catalog Brick BBQ JVP 2019 - Brick BBQ in Portugal - BBQ Manufacturers JVP Barbecues, Barbecues manufacturer in Portugal, Wood stoves, Barbecue makers and pizza oven ovens Ovens manufacturers in Portugal - Oven manufacturers, Ovens Traditional ovens. Bread ovens, Wood stoves, Refractory brick ovens. Traditional Fours. Les poêles à bois. Four pour faire du pain. [...]
Want a barbecue model different from the classic one? We can make barbecue grills with two shades of brick. Another grill ready to start grilling. Simple barbecue only with a support flap. At José Vigário Pereira we are always innovating and developing new models. See to visit our facilities and see the diversified range that [...]
We only manufacture the necessary parts for your barbecue. No need to buy complete grills. Barbecue in Switzerland One more satisfied customer, in this case in Switzerland. At barbecues JVP embellish your garden ... and your creativity will do the rest. Order now your Barbecue with José Vigário Pereira! We ship to Portugal and throughout [...]
Our traditional Ovens are required for the whole world ... Export of Ovens JVP fabricante de Fornos Portugal, Pizza Ovens, Fours, Hornos Manufacturers of Ovens in Portugal, Oven manufacturers, Ovens Traditional ovens. Oven to make bread. Furnaces for pizzerias, Furnaces with refractory bricks. Traditional Fours, BBQ and Ovens Video 3 JVP manufacturer of Ovens Portugal, Pizza Ovens, [...]
Simple Barbecues You want to grill, but you're fed up with the portable grills because it gets all dirty ?! Check our website and see what news we have for you. We manufacture refractory brick grills and refractory cement. We sell all accessories in iron or stainless steel, according to your requirement. We manufacture finished [...]
Barbecues Manufacturers JVP 2019 - Brick BBQ in Portugal - Barbecues Manufacturers JVP Barbecues / BBQ, manufacturer of Barbecues in Portugal, Wood-fired ovens, Barbecue makers and pizza oven makers Oven manufacturers in Portugal - Oven manufacturers, Ovens Traditional ovens. Oven to make bread. Ovens for pizzerias, Ovens with refractory bricks. Traditional Fours. Les poêles à [...]
Are you making a modern home and do not like classic or more traditional grills ?! Want a different Barbecue? No problem! We also thought about that. At José Vigário Pereira, Lda we are always innovating and developing new products to satisfy even more our customers. We manufacture barbecues in gray brick, with or without decorative [...]
Want to buy a wood oven ?! Consult prices at JVP. We sell  ovens for resellers and for individuals. The Gold oven is manufactured with high quality materials, being insulated with ceramic and leca blanket. In its exterior is applied a coating of cork with silicone, having the client the possibility of aptar by the [...]
Factory Our grills and ovens are manufactured with a superior quality and so are appreciated all over the world ... Whether for Portugal, Europe and the rest of the world we are ready to respond to our level. Our Barbecue Factory is geographically located in the center of Portugal, coastal strip, very close to the [...]
Another barbecue with oven, manufactured by José Vigário Pereira, lda In this case, a kiln-barbeque grill lined with stone, special request of the client. We manufacture grills and wood stoves according to the needs of the client, just ask for your budget in: [email protected] Barbecue with stone The barbecue will be accompanied with an assembly scheme [...]
Large ovens For large cooks, large ovens. Our ovens have an unparalleled quality and last a lifetime ... they travel all over the world, because their quality is internationally recognized ... We show here a video from one of the ovens of "mouth" larger. Information José Vigário Pereira, Manufacturer, Ovens Portugal, Pizza Ovens, Fours, Hornos Youtube: [...]
Complete garden barbecue grill This barbecue has everything essential for a garden grill, very functional. In addition to the grille area there are also traditional countertops, sinks and decorative panel tiles. Garden barbecue grill Barbecue CH 218 AT It is a barbecue, consisting of a bench to each side, and one of them with a [...]
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